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No notes for slide. Persuasive Introductions 3. Some of these reasons are that there is too much homework already, kids want to have fun in school, and finally, everyone would have to work harder. I will begin by telling you why I think we have too much homework.

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Who in their right mind would put the most inexperienced drivers on the road before the sun is even up? What parents in their right minds would sign up for a morning fight days a year? What teacher in his or her right mind would want to motivate a somnambulant first period class? Only someone who is actually in their right mind would move the start time of high school to a sensible 10 am. This means that class still starts at am, which current research proves is the worst time for the teen mind.

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To ensure student success, we must change our schedule to start school at 10 am. Time to get up. It is now and I spring up out of bed and try to get ready in time to leave at Skipping breakfast, a mistake I will regret later, this is my typical morning. So, as a high school student I know the concerns that people have expressed about the starting time for school.

School starts too early and I agree it should be started later and held an equal time longer. The sound of a ring or a buzz has become normal and is often dismissed as nothing.

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Some schools however are taking a stand against the wireless device. Schools in New York often use metal detectors not only to catch knives and guns but also cell phones. The cell phone has had nothing but a bad influence in schools because many students use them to cheat on tests, text during class, or take inappropriate pictures in the locker room.

Suddenly the theme song from the O. The teacher then collects the papers even though many have blanks at the bottom. Allowing cell phones in schools is just another nuisance many students would love to do without. Many people, mostly men and women from older generations, become quite annoyed when someone whips out their cell phone in a public place or right in the middle of a personal conversation. But when cell phones are used at appropriate times and for appropriate purposes, they make our lives so much more convenient.

Cell phones should be left to use in the hands of Lawrence Public school students during school under the right guidelines. Cell phones provide easy communication between students in making after school arrangements and for medical and safety purposes.

How to write Perfect Persuasive Essays

Nelson rolls his eyes, waiting impatiently. This has happened twice today in his class, and he is becoming quite agitated for this interruption during his lesson. Instances such as these occur frequently in Lawrence Public Schools. You just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later.

Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. This part of the paragraph provides some personal analysis and interpretation of how the student arrived at their conclusions and also connects together the essay as a cohesive whole. The conclusion weaves together the main points of the persuasive essay. It does not normally introduce any new arguments or evidence, but rather reviews the arguments made already and restates them by summing them up in a unique way.

It is important at this stage to tie everything back to the initial thesis statement. Ending an essay well can be challenging, but, especially for persuasive essays, it is essential to end strongly.

Encourage students to experiment with different types of endings, for example, concluding the essay with a quotation that amplifies the thesis statement. Another method is to have the student rework their ending in simple monosyllabic words, as simple language often has the effect of being stronger in impact. The effect they are striving for in the final sentence is the closing of the circle. There are a number of persuasive writing techniques that can be used to in the conclusion, and throughout the essay, to amp up the persuasive power of the writing.

Read our complete guide to writing the perfect essay. Find out the secrets that turn a good essay into an incredible piece of writing. In this article we have outlined a basic structure that will be helpful to students in approaching the organization of their persuasive writing.

It will also be helpful for the students to be introduced to a few literary techniques that will help your students to present their ideas in a convincing manner. Here are a few of the more common ones:. Repetition: There is a reason why advertisements and commercials are so repetitive - repetition works! Students can use this knowledge to their advantage in their persuasive writing. Storytelling: Humans tend to understand things better through stories.

Think of how we teach kids the important values through time-tested fables like Peter and the Wolf. Whether through personal anecdotes or reference to third person experiences, stories help climb down the ladder of abstraction and reach the reader on a human level. Dealing with Dissent: We live in a cynical age, so leaving out the opposing opinion will smack of avoidance to the reader. Encourage your students to turn into that opposing viewpoint and deal with those arguments in their essay too.

A Call to Action: A staple of advertising, a call to action can also be used in persuasive writing. When employed, it usually forms part of the conclusion section of the essay and asks the reader to do something, such as, recycle, donate to charity, sign a petition etc. A quick look around reveals to us the importance of the power of persuasion, whether in product advertisements, newspaper editorials, or political electioneering, persuasion plays an important role in our daily lives.

Logic and reason are important in the persuasion process, but they are not the only techniques. The dark arts of persuasion can prey on emotion, greed, and bias. Learning to write persuasively can help our students to recognize well-made arguments, as well as help to inoculate them against the more sinister manifestations of persuasion. Now, go persuade your students of the importance of perfecting the art of persuasive writing!

Never leave any doubt about your position and point of view in the introduction. The stronger the evidence the stronger your argument will be.

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Take some time to find strong supporting evidence. Use paragraphs effectively. Each new element of your argument should start with a new paragraph. Play on your audiences feelings. Use strong and emotive language but never become irrational. Try these engaging persuasive prompts with your students to ignite the writing process. We pride ourselves on being the web's best resource for teaching students and teachers how to write an a persuasive text.

We value the fact you have taken the time to read our comprehensive guides to understand the fundamentals of writing skills. We also understand some of you just don't have the luxury of time, or the resources to create really engaging resources exactly when you need them. Working in partnership alongside Innovative Teaching Ideas we confidently recommend this resource as an all in one solution to teach how to write persuasively.