Do you write out dollar amounts in an essay will give you some tips on how to write money amounts in an For instant, some say that you should write out any one-word number (like.
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And, some people bury it in the backyard. Just as everyone handles money differently, you can format money differently depending on the amount and the nature of your text. Here are some basic guidelines for writing about money in general content.

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Our other primary style guides have been excluded because they provide little to no recommendations for formatting money. All the examples shown below are for U.

The price of gas has dropped several cents in the past week. Why does the penny candy in the jar cost 12 cents instead of 1 cent? Retailers in Chicago must charge customers 7 cents per bag. The pet store donates fifty cents from every sale to the local animal shelter.

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Isolated reference. Simplify large numbers by spelling out million , billion , and trillion. Despite how we have always done it, there is only ONE situation in which it makes sense to render a number in both words and figures: when writing a check. On a check, we include a spelled out version of the amount to reduce the likelihood that anyone will misread the number or alter it.

We don't need to restate a number in a typed business letter, memo, email, report, or even a contract. You may be hesitant to stop writing numbers in both figures and words in your contracts.

Small and Large Numbers

To encourage you to stop, I cite expert Bryan A. Garner , editor of Black's Law Dictionary. One argument often given for the doubled numbers is that they prevent discrepancies. But Garner refutes that reasoning:.

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Then why do so many people write numbers in words and figures? According to Garner, the use of "doublets" came about centuries ago to prevent number altering. And in the modern age, with the widespread use of carbon paper, numbers written in words were easier to decipher on carbon copies.

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I hope you are convinced: These days it is unnecessary and downright silly to render a number two 2 different ways. The name was written in figures--never spelled out!

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For rules on writing numbers, see this post. I can answer that. Of course, you could always argue "why don't they just type the words then" but words aren't as easy to read at-a-glance as figures are.

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So the words are just for confirmation. Posted by: Nedbrab May 22, at AM. Hello, Nedbrab. I am guessing that my description being the "other way round" is because of a difference between the British and U.