Architectural thesis on rural development

PROJECTS 4th Year: Architectural Thesis - International Business complex, Noida( 05 PLAYSCHOOL 06 RURAL DEVELOPMENT CENTRE.
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You just have to make yourself a cup of coffee, sit in your favourite corner scroll through the list, until you find a topic that captivates your eyes and attention. The list of 70 unconventional ideas has the vision and potential to transform the dynamics of modern architecture. Now, what are you waiting for? Pull up your socks and get going! Trending Airbnb residential homes equivalent to a fancy hotel.

A reworked corporate office space with colours and patterns.

A contemporary makeover to a retirement home. Design residential spaces for cold countries. Emotional space design. Culture-oriented planning on a waterfront property. The thesis on the new Parliament House at New Delhi is aimed at understanding the relationship between architecture and democracy. It is a subject which has been explored for a long time but has not got enough light because of the limited number of buildings that share this relationship.

Much more than documents.

Arch Thesis by Shanjo A. Khitan explores the possibilities with Eco-tourist hub at Khonoma Village. Skyscrapers are the future of development as the value of land goes higher everyone wants to use each and every part of land. Dharavi is the Region in Mumbai having a large number of slums and use the maximum amount of land their so for more use of land Maharashtra Government wants to use maximum […].

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A memorial of humanity with respect to a region is made to make the humans understand the essence of humanity. Arch Thesis: The street children rehabilitation centre is located at Kushtia district in Khulna division.

Architectural Thesis: "BALAY LAUT" "Proposed Badjao Cultural Assimilation Community Development "

On 6th October , a high temperature variation near the Andaman Island helped a storm to rise, which developed into a major cyclone until 9th October and hit the coast of Andra Pradesh. Delhi now lacks urban spaces which are people friendly and social with growing urbanization, the land is getting more saturated with fewer places to emphasize on a free and green quality of life.

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As cities grow, these wholesale markets are pushed to the periphery to ensure no interference in daily functioning. This relocation creates newly developed fragments, which are not fully equipped and planned to cater to the same. This in turn creates a need to organise the flow and rethink the planning of the wholesale markets in a way that can accommodate the change. Food has been the mainstay of human interaction and defines who we are and where we come from.

Keeping in mind the disconnect that has developed towards our social relationship with food as a result of urbanization, the thesis aims to propose a Socio-cultural Hub centered around food. The idea behind this architectural intervention in the city of Amritsar is to hit the psychological nerve of the people and make them spiritually aware about the rich culture they belong to and rejuvenate the socio-cultural essence of the city and the state.

In other words, it's not only the architectural heritage at risk of disappearing but also the centuries of knowledge built from everyday living spaces and their relationship with the territory that they inhabit. For the Slow Food China project, Stefano Boeri Architetti has designed a school, a library and a small museum for the villages involved, free of charge.


The program attempts to encourage millions of Chinese farmers to stay in their rural districts, combatting the unprecedented emigration to cities which has grown in the last few years. By offering educational facilities and cultural landmarks to these rural communities, it inspires the preservation of local culture and acknowledges the importance of the agricultural economy.

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The name is unfamiliar to many Chinese people, and even more foreign to those living abroad. The county consists of about villages, from Shicang to Damushan. Here, undulating lush green terraces hug the sides of Songyin river valley, itself the one serpentine movement uniting the lands. Follow the river and you will see: here, a Brown Sugar Factory ; there, a Bamboo Theatre ; and on the other side, a stone Hakka Museum built recently but laid by methods so old, even the town masons had to learn these ways for the first time, as if they were modern methods, as if they were revolutionary.

And maybe they are.