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Technology: Friend or Foe Essay. Words | 9 Pages. surprise that technology is rapidly taking over the world, and defining the day to day lives we live.
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Yes, jobs are being lost; but they are also being created. For example, it may take fewer people to produce a car these days and of course people are even forgoing owning cars thanks to developments like Uber and the sharing economy. But, at the same time, an entire new industry of "app producers" has been born.


And this is just one of many, many examples. Net net: I think technology writ large is enabling many important, live-saving and life-enhancing advances. But, we need to keep harnessing it properly in order to minimize the downsides and maximize the upsides. We need to ensure that we don't simply stop thinking for ourselves; stop asking the tough questions; stop checking our facts and sources, etc. And we need to re-train those in jobs and industries that are being negatively impacted by these advances so that they are ready for the new opportunities being presented.

It won't be easy, but we've done it before. Think about the transition from the agricultural to the industrial economy. We turned farmers into factory workers.

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The biggest difference is that we did that over a couple of generations. Today, given the speed of change, we have to do it in more like a decade. And the process will never truly be "done," as learning must now be a life-long pursuit for all of us.

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But while the task is great, by applying some of these very same technologies, I'm confident we can build the next generation of workers and I think we'll all be better off because of it. For the second conversation in our Purpose Work series -- a discussion designed to explore how we can infuse a deep sense of purpose into our work -- we're going to focus on the Fourth Industrial Revolution , the theme of this year's World Economic Forum in Davos. How are you using technology to elevate purpose in your organization, community, or project?

It makes things easier.

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Technology – friend or foe in our children’s world?

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Technology: Friend or Foe for the Future of our Oceans

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Save your time and order an original essay now! Order original essay. Technology: Friend or Foe. We'll write it for you! Print Download essay. Your essay sample has been sent. Order now. The reason that there are so many is because 3D…. Technology has a vast array of implications for our lives, if this is true then we should look to the Bible to understand how we should interact with technology.

This is important to remember in all aspects of our life, but lets venture into what it could mean for our interactions with technology:. Technology can be a friend. I think we can all see in our lives and throughout the course of history how technology has been a friend to us. Think about the printing press, we have all benefited from its introduction to our lives. Now we can go to pretty much any book store and buy whatever we want and there is still a couple left over for others. Technology can be a foe. Again same example, the printing press has been used for wrong just as much as it has been used for good in our society.

Other books with objectionable material circulate the newsstands in Barnes and Noble and other book stores. Hundreds of people take advantage of the printing press to become rich to satisfy their greed. Do you get it? Do you see what the pattern? Our sinful hearts can take advantage of something that was meant for good, and use it for evil.

Our hearts are idol factories. Those technologies present us with opportunities to prevert their use for evil.