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“Child labor” By Elie Bou Chaaya ENL Section “D” Miss Zeina Fayyad 18, January, Outline: Thesis statement: Child labor nowadays is considered to .
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However, the Industrial Revolution increased the use of child labor in the world. The factories ensured the growth in the overall standard of living, a sharp drop in the mortality rate in cities, including children, and caused unprecedented population growth. The involvement of child labor was made possible by machines with which even physically weak people could work.

The machines could be installed quite closely to save the factory space.

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Even special children's professions were formed. For example, there were scavengers and scribes in the cotton factories. The scavenger had to be small and fast. They crawled all day under the spinning looms and collected the fallen pieces of cotton, inhaling cotton dust and dodging the working mechanisms. Scribes walked around the shop and sorted the threads that ran along the machine.

It was estimated, that the child was passing about 24 miles during the working day. Needless to say, that child labor conditions were far from perfect.

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The situation began to change in the early s during social reform in the United States when restricting child labor laws were passed as part of the progressive movement. During the Great Depression, the child labor issues raised again because of lacking open jobs to adults. You may refer to international child labor laws or analyze legislative acts in different countries. For example, the Fair Labor Standards Act determines age restrictions, jobs allowed for teenagers, and what paperwork is necessary. Its structure depends on the type of your assignment: argumentative , persuasive, for and against child labor essay.

The Main Body of child labor essays aims to support your thesis statement by numerous examples and evidence. How can you support the thesis statement of your child labor essay? Each of the Body paragraphs should present a specific idea. In general, these ideas serve to prove your thesis statement. It should present the final idea that you have come up to while conducting your research.

It should make a point by approving or disapproving your thesis statement. Well, we hope that now you have some ideas on what to write about. The Government has been laying a lot of emphasis on the rehabilitation of these children and on improving the economic conditions of their families. The child labor can be stopped when knowledge is translated into legislation and action, moving good intention and ideas into protecting the health of the children.

The endurance of young children is higher and they cannot protest against discrimination. Focusing on grassroots strategies to mobilize communities against child labor and reintegration of child workers into their homes and schools has proven crucial to breaking the cycle of child labor. A multidisciplinary approach involving specialists with medical, psychological and socio-anthropological level is needed to curb this evil.

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It is in this context that we have to take a relook at the landmark passing of the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education RTE Act , which marks a historic moment for the children of India. For the first time in India's history, children will be guaranteed their right to quality elementary education by the state with the help of families and communities. The world cannot reach its goal to have every child complete primary school by without India. Although there have been significant improvements in the proportion of children from socially disadvantaged groups in school, gaps still remain.

Substantial efforts are essential to eliminate disparities and ensure quality with equity. Successful implementation of the Act would certainly go a long way in eradicating child labor in India. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Journal List Ind Psychiatry J v. Ind Psychiatry J.

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Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Editor, IPJ. Address for correspondence: Dr. E-mail: moc. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Basu K, Tzannatos Z.

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