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Although the solution to make college tuition free seems like a no-brainer, there are still some people who are skeptical because they believe that free tuition would badly impact the economy. They have these beliefs because free tuition would take away control over what people study, as they would no longer need to worry as much about their financial issues, and allow them to get a degree for something they are passionate about, instead of something practical 1 Logos- I used appeal to logic in my counter argument to refute the statement that an increase in enrollment would cost universities needed money.

Wackwitz4 Josephson. However, what most of these critics fail to acknowledge is how giving students free tuition, and therefore choices about their future career, would actually help the economy, not hurt it. For example, most jobs require, or are going to require, a higher-level of knowledge, skills, and abilities best acquired through a college education Bergeron.

However, with the large number of workers that skip college because it is too expensive, the United States will end up paling in comparison to other countries with workers who are better educated and prepared to deal with what the twenty-first century requires Bergeron. This means that the less educated the American population is, the worse off the United States economy is.

If college tuition was free, then more people would go to college and get the degrees needed for them to thrive and help the economy thrive. Also, the country's productivity and GDP would increase as more people found more suitable and higher- ranking jobs Josephson.


So, in reality, making tuition free wouldnt worsen the economy, but in fact make it better. In conclusion, tuition should be free because it would create countless positive changes. Free tuition wouldnt just help students trying to get degrees, but it would also help universities and the economy. People who hadn't thought college and a postsecondary education was a possibility would finally be able to consider and plan it. With all the people finally getting a better education the United States economy would be better. Also, their wouldnt be as many people looking for a job unable to find one because they dont meet the required standard of having a college degree.

Wackwitz5 A college degree is necessary, empowering, and everyone who wishes to have one should get the opportunity to earn one. Josephson, Amelia. Life at UB, 05 Jan.

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Popular in Education. However, this system combines the educational and work life into one, so not only will t students have more free time and be less stressed, but it produces worker more focused to what their actual job will be, hence more efficient. This system takes students from paying heavy fines for their education and be partially ready for their line of work, to being completely ready for their ill work and actually getting paid to do so! This will work for many occupation Do you dream of being a pastor?

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Learn under a pastor! Are you inspired t a computer programmer? Research the topic on the internet, then go wool Want to be a chef? Learn from online tutorials or work at a restaurant! Of course there are a few exceptions -? But I difference here is that these are all high paying jobs right out of college. Debt will not be a problem.

University Tuition Costs are Too High

Certain institutions could be made for these f with a specific focus instead of generalized classes. This pioneering solution will not only make students more specialized in their field of choice, but employers get an exceptionally focused labor force, and students will be o afford more without the debt and feed the money back into the economy Everybody wins. In the likely case of the world not being ready for this measure yet, I offer another solution that will aid in the reduction of Cole tuition.

Half of the cost for classes is towards general education classes. If you cut those, not only does the cost for classes cut half, but graduates can graduate earlier and spend more time focusing or their major. Therefore making better candidates for the workforce in less debt, and able to put more money into the economy. Another action is to propose laws to force colleges to not sit on their funds and give away mall more scholarships and aid, which they can definitely afford. On a more personal level, we need to educate incoming college students about the multiple resources to lowering what they personally will pay for college.

Ay is to go to community college, either for two years or all the way thro Community College is a much cheaper option than any other alternative, it is also good for those who want to finish their general education classes for a cheap amount. Another way is to educate high school students on the importance of AP or CLUE exams, where students can earn college credit for much cheaper, and possibly take a whole year off of college. This would be very helpful trying to open up the eyes of my audience by showing the dramatic increase in college tuition.

Morici, Peter. In this editorial it discusses also the high cost of college but how colleges can rip off a student.

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  • Over the decades, Americans have been convinced that jobs are required to have certain skills and knowledge that require a college education such as managers, salesperson, electricians.. Job titles that were once learned by experience now require a degree or certification.

    College Tuition : Is No Worth Paying For College?

    The author Peter Morici is convinced that universities are taking advantage of this. He feels that today institutions and universities focus more on the money than the education. Although this is more of a biased article the author explains well his opinions, and uses persuasive writing and facts to convince his audience. I could use some examples and ideas to do the same with my readers.

    Holtom, Brooks C. Bloomberg Business Week, n.

    College Tuition Essay | Bartleby

    College is worth the cost give both Pros and cons to attending college regardless of the current financial state. Although it points out the flaws which is mostly the expenses it praises more the positive outcomes by explaining how much well off a person is with a college education is than someone with just a high school diploma. Using a piece like this would come in handy to an audience of younger people that could be discouraged to go to school.

    It explains very well the pros and cons, this could inform and give a college student and build their own personal opinion.

    College Tuition Increase: Good or Bad? (Education Essay Sample)

    This source was ok but a lot of it was a repeat the only distinction is that it shows both positive and negative points which was helpful, ut a lot of the information I already know. Gonzales, Sara. State Impact, 14 May FAFSA has also shrunk their privileges lately and instead replace them with more loans. This article would be very well used in an article for students and the college board. This current information is important for a student to know and hopefully it would open of the college board to see how much our options are declining.